Fusd Glass Gallery

By Tomily Clark

Fused Glass is a technique, thousands of years old, in which glass is brought up to molten temperature and fused together . Using a variety of techniques of glass fusing and slumping, artists have taken this ancient process and are using it to create a vast array of modern glass art. Starting with glass handmade and machine rolled, the glass is hand cut and layered upon one another . Using different colors of iridescent and translucent glass, as well as crushed glass, the glass is placed into a kiln and heated until the glass reaches the molten point and it fuses together. The glass can then be re-heated to shape and slump to make vessels bowls and other functional glass ware.

The radical shift of colors that is produced when dichroic glass is used, this is quite dramatic. Dichroic glass has evolved from Space Shuttle technology and is used today in the glass art world. In a vacuum chamber, precious metals such as gold , silver, copper are embedded into glass . The brilliance and colors of the glass changes with the light, giving the glass ever-changing attitude as well as a delightful array of colors. One truly must see it to believe it .
Here you will find various photos of the Fused Glass Art pieces that I create. I do custom work as well as unique tile designs for the home kitchen or bath. I welcome new ideas! Click on the links below to view all the photos of styles and colors. The Glass is signed and dated on back. All fish all made to hang on the wall , with acrylic attachments on back. For table or shelf display , acrylic stands are in available in several shapes and sizes. Shipping is available through US Mail.

New Glass

Koi 13" x 6"

Reticulated Butterfly 20" x 17"

Hawaiian Game Fish

  • Ahi
  • Mahi Mahi
  • More Fish and Aquatic Life

  • Bass
  • Islands
  • Turtles
  • Mermaids
  • Humpback Whales
  • All art is hand made with love just for you